Welcome to the Learning Disabilities Association of Red Deer. We are a registered non-profit organization supporting persons with learning disabilities in Central Alberta.

Learning disabilities are a life long condition that affect up to 1 in 10 Canadians. This means approximately 30,000 individuals in Central Alberta and 10,000 in the Red Deer Region need our assistance. According to Statistics Canada, the percentage of Canadians with learning disabilities is increasing. You probably know someone with LD.

LD crosses all ages, genders, socio-economic, cultural and linguistic groups. It is likely that during your life you will be touched by someone with LD in your relationships with family, friends or co-workers.

Research estimates that 80% of learning disabilities, such as various forms of dyslexia, affect literacy. But with correct intervention, support, education and programs such as tutoring or social skills programs, persons with learning disabilities can achieve and excel.

Learning Disabilities…Learning Differently

LD-Red Deer is committed to viewing “learning disabilities” in a positive light, as “learning differently” and “thinking differently”. We want to help persons who “learn differently” to achieve their full potential. After all, persons who “think differently” have intelligence that is average to above average to “gifted”.

These individuals have the capacity to help our society by “thinking differently”. Persons who “learn differently” are often innovating and seeing new solutions. Perhaps they can also lead others to new ways of thinking. According to the 2011 World Economic report, Canada is a leader in many aspects of business, but one area where we do not do as well is in innovation.

In fact, British research has indicated that 1 in 5 entrepreneurs have dyslexia. Providing support for persons with learning disabilities can clearly benefit Canadian society.

Please see our Success Stories page for examples of persons with learning disabilities who have found the support they needed to become leaders in their field.

Our Mission:

LD Red Deer is a charitable non-profit organization. We are dedicated to advancing the education and social development of people with learning disabilities and ADHD.

We accomplish this through our programs, services and fundraising events. We maintain close partnerships with those who have learning disabilities/ADHD, their families, professionals and the community.


The Learning Disabilities Association of Red Deer could not operate without generous support from our sponsors and our volunteers. Thank You!




Annual General Meeting

Thursday, June 19, 2014 at Pioneer Lodge, 4324-46A Avenue, Red Deer

Pioneer Lodge is located one block east of the Red Deer Lodge in downtown Red Deer. Look for the log cabin! The AGM is scheduled to start at 7:00pm, followed by a regular board meeting at approximately 8:00pm.

It’s been quite a year at LD Red Deer, and we’ve had a lot of success!

Now it’s time to take another look at our Strategic Plan and see where we are at, where we need to be, and who can help us achieve our goals. Could it be you? We are always looking for volunteers.

Maybe you would like to help with events or administrative tasks, or maybe you would like to be on our “working” board and help direct the fundraising activities and keep an eye on bylaws and monthly activity.

Please come by our Annual General Meeting for an update on activities and lend your voice to how you feel we should be responding to the community need in Central Alberta.

See you there!

Think Social Winter 2015

The goal of Think Social is to foster in our students the skills required to achieve success in social situations.  The realm of social competence is a difficult one, as we do not consciously “teach” social skills as we would math or reading.

At Think Social, students are immersed in learning through hands-on activities, games and role play that help them fit into some of the social situations they deal with and nurture their self-esteem to feel confident as well.

This program is specifically designed for children with learning disabilities and ADHD who have internalizing and externalizing social skills difficulties.

External social skills – one or more of dominating, hyperactive, impulsive, prone to outbursts, bossy, can make friends but has difficulty keeping them.

Internal social skills – one or more of shy, anxious, clingy, withdrawn, difficulty making friends, difficulty starting or joining conversations.

Spaces are limited!

To register or for more information, contact our Program Director, Jeannette Davis at 403-340-3885.

We gratefully acknowledge the funding of United Way to help provide Think Social.


Bottle Drive

Here at LD-Red Deer, we know that every dollar counts!! Please help fund our programs and operating costs! We are seeking donations of returnable bottles and cans.

On the first Saturday of each month, please help raise funds by donating your empties, or helping to collect them. Please contact Jennifer @ 403-754-1470.

Thank you for your support!


LD- Red Deer will be holding a number of Bingo Fundraisers over the coming months at the Red Deer Bingo Centre.  Evening Bingos will take place from approximately 4:30pm-9:30pm.  Occasional Sunday afternoon bingo is scheduled from 10:15am-3:30pm.

It’s fun! If you would like to help out with our Bingo Fundraisers, please call the office at 403-340-3885.

Organization Fundraising

LDAA Red Deer is delighted and grateful to be the chosen recipient of your suitable fundraising event, office 50/50 draw, or other initiative.

Please contact our office to provide details!


Speakers Series

Our Speakers Series events provide education, information and support for parents, caregivers, teachers and professionals.

These events may include small group video viewing of a specialized LD presentationand discussion of the presentation based on our own experiences. This can be a truly supportive and rewarding forum for exchanging ideas. People who attend often feel relief that they are not alone and that others share their experiences.

Good ideas are available for trying new strategies to produce better behavioural results. And, sometimes our own behaviour needs modifying as well, to produce the desired results!

Other Speakers Series events may be live presentations by professionals who share their expertise, in language that is accessible. Topics range from current research to behavioural techniques to options in assistive technologies and other topics.

These presentations almost always include opportunity for discussion, and often a few moments in one-on-one conversation with the presenter.


LD-RD Memberships

Become a member of the Red Deer Chapter, which includes membership in both the Provincial and National Learning Disabilities Associations.

Members have benefits! You will receive:

Membership is $40/year. Thanks for joining the Red Deer Chapter!

Tutoring for Learning Disabilities

Do you, your child or someone you know struggle with reading, writing or math?

We offer high quality tutoring individually tailored to meet the needs of each person who walks through our doors!

Benefits of LD-Red Deer tutoring include:

Tutoring schedules are currently full. However spaces may open up so we are keeping a waiting list. For more information or to register:  Please feel free to give Hannah a call @403-340-3885.

Please see our tutoring poster here.

Learner’s Licence Prep Kits

Pass your Learner’s Licence the first time!

Alberta’s Basic Licence Driver’s Handbook condensed into study cards. This prep kit can help you pass the Learner’s Test and put you on the road to becoming a safe driver.

Cost: $20 cash or cheque payable to LDAA-Red Deer

Available for pick-up at LD Red Deer Office – Lower Level, 3757-43 Ave. Red Deer.   Ph. 403-340-3885

View this link for more information.  Learners Licence Kits Poster


Volunteer Tutors

Do you have three hours a week to spare?  Mondays & Wednesdays OR Tuesdays & Thursdays after school for 1.5 hours each of those days?

You must have some post-secondary education. Programs are developed by a qualified educator to meet the specific learning needs of the person being tutored. Training is ongoing for this position.

Please forward a copy of your resume to LD Red Deer. A copy of a Criminal Record Check and Child Welfare Check will also be required if you are accepted as a tutor. Do you have any particular strengths in subject areas that we should know about so that we may match your expertise with our client’s needs?

Contact info: Programs@LDRedDeer.ca

Volunteer Application Form

LD Red Deer is Seeking Nominations for the Board

If you have an interest in serving your community and supporting persons with learning disabilities and ADHD, please contact the LD Red Deer Office at 403-340-3885. The Board consists of up to 12 dedicated individuals who would like to have input and chart a path for the future of the Association.

Please see the About Us page to learn more, and contact us at 403-340-3885 or by email at execdir@LDRedDeer.ca