Welcome to the Learning Disabilities Association of Red Deer. We are a registered non-profit organization supporting people with learning disabilities in Central Alberta. 

Learning disabilities are a life-long condition that affect up to 1 in 10 Canadians. This means approximately 30,000 individuals in Central Alberta and 10,000 in the Red Deer Region need our assistance. According to Statistics Canada, the percentage of Canadians with learning disabilities is increasing. You probably know someone. 

Learning disabilities cross all ages, genders, socio-economic, cultural and linguistic groups. It is likely that during your life you will be touched by someone with a learning disability in your relationships with family, friends, or co-workers. 

Research estimates that 80% of learning disabilities, such as various forms of dyslexia, affect literacy. But with correct intervention, support, education and programs such as tutoring or social skills programs, people with learning disabilities can achieve and excel. 

Learning Disabilities…Learning Differently 

LD-Red Deer is committed to viewing “learning disabilities” in a positive light, as “learning differently”. We want to help people who “learn differently” to achieve their full potential. After all, people who “think differently” have intelligence that is average, to above average, to “gifted”. 

These individuals have the capacity to help our society by “thinking differently”.  People who “learn differently” are often innovating and seeing new solutions. Perhaps they can also lead others to new ways of thinking.   

British research has indicated that 1 in 5 entrepreneurs have dyslexia. Providing support for people with learning disabilities can clearly benefit society. 

Please see our Success Stories page for examples of people with learning disabilities who have found the support they needed to become leaders in their field.

The Learning Disabilities Association of Red Deer could not operate without generous support from our sponsors and our volunteers.

Thank You!

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