Everyone at Learning Disabilities Association-Red Deer Chapter views every step forward (no matter how big or how small) as a success story.


The children in our programs let us know on a daily basis how appreciative they are as they experience reduced stress, and anxiety by attending. They tell us they enjoy coming to tutoring because they are made to feel good and they have higher marks on their report cards.

A grade 2 student was recently assessed and confirmed what we thought and discussed prior to testing. she went from Frustration level in Reading at Primary levels in January to Grade level in June. Her grandfather came by to say he was extremely pleased. he said she is loving school, happy and reading independently at home too.

Another student, a Grade 6 boy, has shown significant improvement in his school work. His parents are very pleased and feel the sessions really helped him get on track.

Other parents have also been very positive. One parent said she was amazed at how positive her son was about coming for help. She said he looks forward to the sessions.

A couple of students from out of town who came for brief sessions for reading assessments have expressed appreciation for the help and have mentioned us to other parents in their community. Good positive feedback